List Users

One can list the users for a project by using the navigation bar after opening the project.

Invite Users

One can invite users to a project by simply selecting the plus button to add members with their email address.

Remove Users

One can remove users from a project by selecting the three dots on the right side.

Roles & Permissions

Roles allow one to grant certain permissions to users. Admin roles have the most permissions and few limitations.

If you select the “Edit Role” button (as seen in the previous image) then you can alter the role that a specific user has in a project.

Creating Custom Roles

It is possible to create custom roles and permissions beyond the default roles of admin, user, and submitter. If you choose to create a role, then you must give it a unique name

Update Custom Role

After creating a new custom role, one can update custom roles by selecting the “update role button” as seen next to the “create new role” button. One will see an interface to select an existing custom role to update or modify. Press save to apply all changes.

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