Organisations are the highest level organisation and management of projects. Projects must be owned by an entity: Like a user, group, or organisation. Organisations are useful for owning and managing projects that are part of a larger team or organisation.

Your Organisations

You can view all the organisations that you belong to on the Information Hub by navigating to the Organisations page using the navigation bar on the left or by selecting your profile icon on the top right.

Create Organisation

After navigating to your organisation page you will see an option to create a new organisation with a blue plus button.

To create a new organisation a unique name must be provided. You can modify the visibility of the organisation and add a short description.

You will be added to the organisation in an admin role upon creation.

You can invite other users to join the organisation using their email address.

Browse Organisations

You can browse publicly available organisations to join by clicking on the compass button.

It is not possible to delete a created organisation using the Information Hub platform. However, users can be removed or added with admin roles.

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