Projects encapsulate a lot of resources in order to collect, store, inspect, visualise and manage data and members. Projects are the primary tool and building block for utilities on the Information Hub.

Your Projects

You can view all your projects in one place. Selecting the profile icon on the top right and selecting “Your Projects” in the menu that pops up.

Browse Projects

You can browse all visible projects on the home page, or navigate to “Your Projects” and then select the compass symbol to browse additional projects

Create Project

On the home page or under “Your Projects” you will see the option to create a project on the menu bar at the top of the page with a blue plus button to add or create a new project.

After selecting the create project button you will see the page for creating a new project. The menus and options are context-based. Therefore, if you navigate away from the home page to specific organisations or groups, then the drop down menu options for the owner will automatically filter out irrelevant options.

When you create a new project you must select an owner. An owner can be a user like yourself or an organisation. To select a group you must first choose the relevant organisation. See an example below.

A unique name is required upon project creation.

You can select the project visibility to make it accessible to the public.

An optional description can also be added to give some basic information on the project.

To make a specific group in an organisation an owner, one must first select an organisation. After selecting an organisation, an additional option becomes available to select a specific group within the organisation.

The default group option of "None" indicates that the organisation (and all its members) will have access to the project. One can pick a specific group from the dropdown menu

The rest of the settings for creating a project remains the same.


When you open a project the default page is the project overview. You can also use the navigation bar to show the project overview.

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