Dashboards are the primary means of visualising data within projects on the Information Hub.

List Dashboards

The overview page of a project does contain a link to all the dashboards for the project.

Selecting the dashboard link one will see the dashboard page that lists all the project’s dashboards.

One can view a dashboard by selecting a dashboard.

Multiple dashboard components are visible upon viewing a dashboard. Dashboard components include plots like scatter plots and bar plots.

Filters and scorecards that can display certain useful pieces of information.

It is also possible to download and plot data in another programming environment, or to use an API key to access your data directly for processing and visualisation. Please note that dashboards require datasources (a collection of tables for pulling data from multiple places)

Create Dashboards

You can add a new dashboard with the create button that looks like a plus sign

A dashboard must be given a name.

A created dashboard can be viewed by simply selecting it.

View Data Source

Inside the dashboard select the datasource button to view all data sources for this dashboard.

Create Datasource

In the list of data sources there is a plus symbol to add or create a data source.

One must specify the data source type and a name.

After selecting a specific table for the data source, test the connection to see if it can pull data from the relevant table/

Update Datasource

One can easily modify a data source including its name and the specific columns used from the table of interest.

There is a preview tab to inspect data directly from the table.

Data sources can be deleted using the red trash icon.

Add Dashboard Component

Dashboard components can be created with the plus button.

Dashboards are like containers for visualising and inspecting data.

Dashboard components are plots, graphs, scorecards and filters to aid in visualising data.

Update Dashboard Component

An existing dashboard component can be updated or modified with the gear icon.

One can delete dashboard components within their update menu.

Delete Dashboard

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