The manager is a basic project management tool with the functionality to create to do lists, tracking progress and assigning specific tasks to specific users.

List Boards

From the project overview section select the manager shortcut to view the manager section of the current project.

Creating Workbook or Board

One can create a task board by selecting the plus button to add a new board. One can view a board by selecting it.

A new board or workbook requires a name.

Deleting Boards

One can delete an existing workbook by using the options button.

Alternatively, selecting the name of the workbook should open the workbook for viewing.

View Board

Inside a workbook there are three sections: To do, busy, and done.

There are cards or issues that denote tasks.

Selecting the plus button will create or add a new issue or card.

Creating Cards

To create a new card a name must be provided.

The issue card must be assigned to a column.

One can assign a user user using the dropdown menu

Select the create button to finalise the creation.

Updating Cards

One can edit or update an existing card by selecting it.

One can change the column of the issue card.

One can assign the issue to another user or close the issue.

One can also delete an existing issue card.

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