Apps provide a means of creating applications with little to no coding required by an end user or data collector. The minimal user interface of apps are ideal for submitters or data collectors that do not require the Information Hub’s complete repertoire of tools.

List Apps in Project

To view the apps in a project you must use the navigation bar inside the project.

Create App

While viewing the list of apps in a project, one can see a plus button to add a new app.

To create a new app a name must be provided.

Remove App

Apps can be deleted by using the three vertical dots to show options.

Alternatively, one can delete an app inside the settings menu of the relevant app.

View Apps

To view an app simply select it.

Share App

Apps can be shared using a URL link that can be copied from the pop-up after hitting the share button.

Add and Remove Pages

While viewing an app one can add a page with the plus button.

Pages use links to existing elements inside a project like forms and dashboards.

Go Apps Basic Usage

One can preview what apps would look like on the Go version of the Information Hub application. From your home page use the navigation bar to see the apps you are involved with.

From the home page, select the navigation bar.

On the navigation bar select Apps.

One can view an app by selecting it.

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