Storage is for general use of unstructured or non–tabular data, like media files.

List Storage

Navigating to the overview page of a project one can access storage by selecting the storage button. Note that storage must be connected to a specific project.

View File Preview

Existing files and folders can be seen in storage.

One can preview and access metadata for a specific by selecting it.

Metadata includes the name, path, and bucket/folder of the files. There is also a download url.

One can view the file size, date of creation, last update, hash value of the file and the file type.

Depending on the type of file one can also see a preview of the file.

The analyse button allows one to analyse the image with an AI tool. For special use-case custom built AI tools might be necessary for your projects.

The option to delete a file would permanently remove the file. Note that there is no recycle bin. Deleted files are permanently destroyed.

Create Folders

One can create folders/buckets to organise files by selecting the plus button to add a new folder.

To create a new folder a unique name must be given to it.

After creating a folder it will be visible under storage, or as a subfolder inside the relevant folder.

Folders make file management and organisation easier.

Folders can be created inside other folders.

Folders are created with a file. Folders cannot be empty. The only way to delete a folder is to remove all its content. This means one cannot accidentally delete a folder with important data. It also avoids unnecessary clutter or empty folders.

Uploading Files

To upload files to storage or a folder inside storage select the cloud button on the top bar to upload a file.

Deleting Files

The simplest method to delete a file is to use the options button with three dots on the right of the file’s name.

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