Groups are created within the context of Organisations and cannot exist as standalone entities. However, you can see all the groups you have been added to in one place under Your Groups

Your Groups

Selecting your profile icon and then selecting your groups will show you all the groups you have been added to in one place. One can also view all your groups by navigating from the home page and selecting “Groups.” Keep in mind that the navigation bar is context dependent, on the home page the navigation bar will show all your groups. In contrast, inside an organisation the “Groups” page will show all the groups that are inside the relevant organisation.

Browse Groups

You can browse available groups to join by navigating to all your groups and selecting the compass button to browse all the additional groups that are visible to you.

Create Groups

Groups can only be created inside an organisation.

To create a group navigate to an existing organisation. Select groups from the navigation bar.

You will see the blue plus button or the blue button in the centre of the screen to create a new group inside the current organisation.

After selecting the create group button you will see the options for creating a new group. A unique name must be provided to create a new group.

One can easily add or remove users from a group. It is not possible to delete a group directly. Send a request to tech support if you need to permanently delete a group.

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